Market your business to local parents while supporting schools in your community.


Givebacks is a cause-marketing solution that helps you build brand awareness, get new leads and customers, and sell more online - all while supporting local K-12 schools.

How it works

We make software for groups that raise money for schools (like PTAs, PTOs, and boosters). Through the software, we provide free online stores for ALL PTAs in your state.

You choose schools in your area whose parents you want to market to.

We help you craft winning offers to bring those parents into your business.

Your offers go into school e-stores and are promoted to parents.

PTAs automatically get a portion of every sale donated back, and you get new customers who love you for supporting their school.

Grow Your Business While Giving Back

Givebacks is affordable, easy, and impactful. 

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We          when everyone wins.


  • Raise awareness of your brand and sell directly to K-12 parents.​
  • Demonstrate your commitment to supporting your community & invest directly in schools.
  • Gain new customers & sales.
  • Better understand your return on investment.

What people say

 I think this is pretty compelling relative to Facebook and Google Advertising.”

Business owner

 I had 6 leads ... two of which became customers and are renewing with me this year.”

Business owner

We are looking for better ways to connect with parents and support schools, there has just never been a channel to do it.”

VP of marketing,
national restaurant franchise

Leave your information and our team will reach out.