About Givebacks


MemberHub provides software custom-designed for K-12 parent groups.


K-12 parent groups are organizations such as parent-teacher associations (PTAs), PTOs, and booster clubs. They exist to engage K-12 parents and raise funds for schools & programs. K-12 parent groups play a substantial role in bridging the education funding gap, and they have a special opportunity to connect businesses and parents to benefit schools. MemberHub is contracted with over 12,000 parent groups that engage with millions of parents weekly.

Until now, there hasn't been a great way for businesses to directly market to a school's parents. The returns on traditional school sponsorships are hard to track. Carpool line banners and T-shirt logos don't provide any trackable insights on brand awareness, new customers, or sales.

Our cause-marketing solution allows merchants to grow their business while giving back.

Through MemberHub, businesses can:

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