Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

  • You only pay when parents purchase your offers. MemberHub charges all businesses a small fee to promote their offers. The specific fee varies based on the industry, market, and consumer demand.
  • PTAs get up to 20% donated back on every sale.
  • Credit card transaction fees also apply.

How is this different from the money I spend on other channels, like social media and search advertising?

Selling offers through through MemberHub gives you access to a highly targeted group of K-12 parents, as opposed to social and search advertising, where it is expensive and hard to stand out. Cause-related marketing is not just an opportunity to make the world a better place. It serves genuine business goals, too. In a global study, 91% of consumers said they were likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality. 92% said they would buy a product with a social or environmental benefit given the opportunity, and 67% said they had done so in the past 12 months.

How much of my offer sales go back to the PTA/school?

Up to 20% of all offer sales are donated back to the K-12 parent group to support the school.

Where is my offer displayed to parents?

Your offer is displayed within each PTA's e-store, alongside school spirit wear, memberships, and fundraisers.

What if I already have a website with the ability for people to purchase online?

Just like with a sales team, the money that goes back to schools is a means to incentivize PTAs to promote your offer and recognize you as a business that directly supports their school! It's also a major selling point to parents that a portion of proceeds from your sales is donated directly back to their children's school. So you are not just getting a customer, but also giving back to your community.

How will I know if an item is sold?

You will receive an activity report every month that details the offer transactions that occurred and the total amount your business received.

When and how will I get my money after my offer is purchased?

After you set up a merchant account with MemberHub, money will be directly deposited into your account shortly after a transaction occurs. You will also receive an activity report every month that details the offer transactions that occurred, and the total amount your business received.

How does your offering work for everyone?

  1. K-12 parent groups place and promote your offers in their MemberHub e-store. PTAs get up to 20% back on every sale.
  2. Parents visit PTA e-stores to buy your offers. They'll get special savings - plus the added satisfaction that they're supporting their school.
  3. You generate revenue, get a new customer, and delight parents by supporting their child's school.

What are K-12 parent groups?

K-12 parent groups are organizations such as parent-teacher associations (PTAs), PTOs, and booster clubs. Their main functions are to engage and communicate with K-12 school parents and to raise funds to benefit school programs. They play a substantial role in bridging the education funding gap, and they have an opportunity to connect businesses and parents to benefit schools. MemberHub is contracted with over 12,800 K-12 parent groups, representing over 2.9 million parents. These groups use MemberHub's software to communicate with parents, raise money for their schools, and sell items in their e-stores.

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