What's included

Flexibility, pay-for-performance, and built-in cause support. 

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Featured Offers

Get new customers and sales by placing special offers in PTAs' online stores. We'll help you craft a great deal, and PTAs will promote your offer to parents.

PTAs get up to 20% of every sale - and you get new customers who love you for supporting their school.

You only pay when you gain a new customer.

When you place featured offers, your business gets:

  • The ability to update and alter offers throughout the year.

  • A monthly analytics report on purchases and redemptions (i.e., new customers) for each school PTA you select.

  • Proceeds from sales of your item(s) deposited directly into your merchant account with MemberHub.

  • To connect your brand with K-12 parents and make a significant impact.


  • You only pay when parents purchase your offers. MemberHub charges all businesses a small fee to promote your offers. The specific fee varies based on the industry, market, and consumer demand. 

  • PTAs get a donation of up to 20% of proceeds on every sale.

  • Credit card transaction fees also apply.

Interested in digital advertising?

We also offer the opportunity for local businesses to affordably place banner ads in PTA emails, which have 60%+ open rates! If you're interested, just ask your MemberHub rep about advertising in PTA emails.


Offer tips for businesses

Our team will work with you one-on-one to craft offers that are a great deal for your customers and your business. Here are some general tips to keep in mind when thinking about what kind of offers you want to create.

Offer the best deal available

Your offer should be better than any deal parents can get by going to your website. Parents shouldn't buy a deal from their K-12 parent group and then find out they could have gotten a better one.

No hidden fees

Typically, customers should be able to buy something with no additional expenditure beyond the price of the offer. For example, if a furniture-store offer is worth $50, but the cheapest thing the store sells costs $300, then there’s a hidden fee of at least $250.

Provide transparency

For example, a magazine subscription offer shouldn’t include full-price automatic renewal. Also, the offer value shouldn't be inflated; prices listed should be the same price a regular customer would pay for the product or service.

Invite them back

Instead of offering one service at a discount, try splitting your offer. For example, if you offer half off two guitar lessons, people who buy the offer must try two lessons to get their full value. And that may be enough to convince them to sign up for more!

Set limits

You may get an influx of new customers with a popular offer. There are many ways you can control the flow of customers so you can serve them all. For example, promotional value expires,​ new customers only, ​limit one per visit - and more.


If you sell goods or services, offer a discounted subscription to specific goods or products that need to be regularly purchased, like skincare products and kitchen items. It's a good way to win a new customer while ensuring follow-on purchases.

Discount entry products

Offers like examinations, dental cleanings, oil changes, 20% off 1 week of daycare, etc., can get a customer in the door and be the difference between a customer doing years of business with you vs. your competition.

Provide appointment link

Adding a link to your appointment/scheduling system in your offer can ensure that your offer sales turn into appointments.

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